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Craft Gin Club & Tails January's Champion Partners...

Craft Gin Club & are Connections by The Specialist Works (UK) January Champion Partners.

Everyone has loyalties to their favourite online brands, but during Covid-19 these online brands have become in many ways our 'essential' to get through day to day life and most of us have started to branch out of our pre-COVID-19 brand loyalty.

Insert partnerships is a strategic advertising partnership between two brands wherein the success of one brand brings success to its partner brand too.

This can be an effective way to break into new markets, drive response and achieve high conversation rates.

Both brands have reached out to the other's audience by running a reciprocal insert partnership in January without sacrificing their brand.

Craft Gin Club and Tails gave each others customers a fantastic offer, leaving both audiences delighted!

Craft Gin Club commented, "Insert swaps play a key role in our partnership strategy, both acquiring a consistent stream of new members and introducing our members to brands we think they'll love."

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