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Ocado Post Check-out Offer

With it soon to be Mother's Day we thought we'd offer you a...
Pro-mum-tion! (sorry, we couldn't resist)

We all love our mums, but let’s be honest... Some of us are shopping for them at the last minute!

In 2019 it’s estimated that Britons spent over a billion pounds
(£1.4 billion to be precise!) on Mother’s Day gifts.
The average spend per Mother's Day shopper will be around £58… 62% of women bought presents while only 57% of men did.

Target these online savvy shoppers by taking advantage of Connections (UK) partner Ocado Retail Ltd post check-out page.

Estimated Impressions: 3m per calendar month
Av CTR: 0.2%

Demographic information
Female 85% - 15% Male
25-44 – 68%
ABC1 – 69%
72% married families
London and SE bias

Contact for your March discounted short-term rate.

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