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A great way to reach college students is with the Barns & Noble College Dedicated Email Program. The program bolsters the feature of a trusted legacy brand’s endorsement!

This is a great way to expand your customer base to college students and their parents alike. When an email comes from a trusted company’s server, the recipient is more inclined to read it favorably. 


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About Email

Email marketing is a very direct way to target a brand's customer base. Email can be executed in a variety of ways.

- Feature a display offer on existing outbound emails

- Send a dedicated email from the other company’s server

- Buy a brand's list to send a direct email from your server

The most common method is the Dedicated Email and the reason for that is when the customers of the partner brand receive your email, they are doing so with a level of comfort and excitement. This feeling comes from the endorsement you receive from the partner brand by sending the email on your behalf. 

Emails can be very creative, using both text and imagery, in any way you wish. Optimizing an email to be viewed on different platforms is important as consumers continue to divide time between computers, tablets and smartphones. Email lists can be segmented on occasions to create a hyper-targeted audience.

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