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Barnes & Noble College Package Insert Program

With the Barnes & Noble Package Insert Program, your brand is directly inserted into the hands and bags of college students on a national scale. Whether it is textbooks or school merchandise being shipped or sold in-store, this program has you covered. 


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About Package Inserts

Package Insert Programs are designed to carry advertiser messaging in another brand's outbound product shipments.

These shipments contain goods purchased by a recipient at their home address, making them an ideal vehicle to carry a third-party message. Recipients are proven mail-order or online buyers, which enhances response for third-party partners. The ability to target brands with a complimentary audience to your offer creates the perfect partnership. 

Running an insert in another brand's packages will yield a 100% open rate for your brand's materials.

When consumers receive a package, they will not only open it, but they will have a rush of endorphins as they open the package they have been expecting! This means your insert will be received at a time of joy and excitement by the customer. 

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