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Countdown Polybag Onsert

The Countdown Magazine Onsert Program allows advertisers to reach new and expecting moms in OBGYN offices across the country! This program is a great way to reach a, fine-tuned, defined audience. This allows advertisers to take full advantage of reaching a guaranteed market. A massive benefit of the program is the fact that one magazine may be viewed by multiple people each month in the respective OBGYN office. This gives your brand more bang for the buck!


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About Onserts & Polybags

Magazine Onserts and Polybags allow advertisers to buy a defined audience in a responsive position. By riding along with subscriber copies of consumer magazines, advertisers are effectively purchasing the publisher's name list but avoid paying the cost of solo mail.

The added benefit of being delivered with a welcome and anticipated publication encourages the warmth of reception for the offers within the polybag. This level of endorsement helps yield stronger responses.

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