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The Garage In-Store Program is a great way to place your brand, in partnership with Garage, directly into the bags of the in-store members. The advantage of the in-store opportunity is that Garage has 300 plus stores throughout the United States and Canada. If you are wanting to reach fashion-conscious customers, this is a great place to do that! 


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About Retail Bags

This program works by placing materials into the retail bags of customers who have purchased products in-store. This is a method we use to get brands to partner with one another.

Purchases are usually carried home to be unpacked, and your insert can be among the items reviewed while the shopper is still in post-purchase bliss. 

The benefit of this is that your brand capitalizes on this shopper’s high while also targeting the shopper themselves. This is done by working with brands that have a complementary audience.

The phenomenal scale, coupled with daily distribution, makes this a very exciting channel. This is a scalable opportunity for media that you are seeing success from in another delivery methods. 

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