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Health & Happiness Mailer is an industry-first shared mailing program. It’s fueled by proprietary data that efficiently delivers highly targeted populations actively looking for discounts on the specific health and wellness products you’re looking to market.

• Over 10 million consumers visit goodrx.com monthly to research and save on their medications
• Data gained from these visits allows GoodRx to create mailings that effectively target those who are actively seeking discounts on specific types of medications and wellness products.


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About Co-op Envelopes

Co-op envelopes come in two types, defined by how they target an audience. The first type is a name list of targeted co-ops. The second is geographically targeted non-name addressed mail. 

Name list targeted co-ops behave similarly to catalogs and ride-a-longs as they are mailed to a defined name list profile.

Geographically targeted co-op envelopes distribute their envelopes around neighborhood area zones.

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