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Ideal Brands & MyProtein Package Inserts

The Hut Group own a series of lifestyle brands, MyProtein, IdealShape, IdealFit, and IdealRaw. Myprotein is the world's leading online sports nutrition brand, with a range of more than 2,500 high-quality products and an expanding collection of activewear and accessories. IdealShape is the leading meal replacement and weight loss service in the US. IdealShape aims to be the simplest and easiest weight loss solution and has helped one million people achieve their ideal shape. IdealFit is a sports nutrition brand, designed to empower real women to achieve their goals and earn their ideal body by offering expert advice, workout challenges, and quality sports nutrition. IdealRaw enables you to build a strong and clean body, from the inside out, through a range of organic protein, superfoods, supplements, and workout programs. 


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