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LuckyVitamin.com Package Insert

People are always trying to find new ways to boost their immune systems and make healthy lifestyle choices. This program is a great way to get your brand placed alongside that image. The LuckyVitamin.com Package Insert Program allows your brand the opportunity to ride inside the box of these health products to help the customer live their best life. 


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About Package Inserts

Package Insert Programs are designed to carry advertiser messaging in another brand's outbound product shipments.

These shipments contain goods purchased by a recipient at their home address, making them an ideal vehicle to carry a third-party message. Recipients are proven mail-order or online buyers, which enhances response for third-party partners. The ability to target brands with a complimentary audience to your offer creates the perfect partnership. 

Running an insert in another brand's packages will yield a 100% open rate for your brand's materials.

When consumers receive a package, they will not only open it, but they will have a rush of endorphins as they open the package they have been expecting! This means your insert will be received at a time of joy and excitement by the customer. 

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