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Scotts of Stow CM

Scotts of Stow catalogues are full of inspiring ranges for the Kitchen, Home & Garden. The products on offer appeal to customers who want their homes to have a high quality “Cotswolds” country feel and they aren’t afraid of spending their money, with products costing up to £999 in the range. Customers are predominantly women, aged over 60
and married to professionals or retired. They have a high disposable income and are financially aware, owning stocks, shares, unit trusts and other investments. They enjoy the finer things in life with interests in the theatre, eating out, supporting worthy causes, and taking foreign holidays. Gardening, walking, wine, playing golf and the environment also score high in their interests.


  • % Female
  • £ Avg Household Income
  • Avg Age

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United Kingdom
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12 per year
B C1 C2


247mm X 185mm