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Seventh Avenue Catalog Blow-In

Your inserts will be delivered in the Seventh Avenue catalog mailings targeting active and highly responsive direct marketing buyers that have made recent purchases. The Seventh Avenue Blow­in Program allows you to reach the customers that have purchased products that include home furnishings, accessories, apparel, electronics, jewelry, beauty, personal care products, and more!
Average unit of Sale: $100


  • % Female
  • $ Avg Household Income
  • Avg Age

About Catalog Blow-Ins

Catalog Blow-ins allow advertisers to place material into a brand's outbound catalog. Catalog's will reach an active customer profile with a defined demographic.

These defined audiences combined with the cost offset of avoiding solo-mail create the perfect environment for delivering ROI when properly selected for customer profile match against your own audience.

There is an added benefit to them in that they are a welcome mailing in the home rather than being unsolicited. The warm nature of the mailing establishes an implied endorsement for those riding along with the mailing.   

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Key Stats

United States
Catalog Blow-Ins
12 per year


3.50" X 5.00"
4.00" X 6.00"