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Spice N' Tice

The idea of Spicentice came from 1994 when theKetan Varu,  was in university. Missing his mothers home cooked food, he used to get recipes and spices sent to him by his mother to make Indian curries just the way he had at home. From cooking curries for himself, he began to share the spices with his friends and that's when the idea of Spicentice was born!

Their online store features dozens of traditional culinary spices and herbs all made using Ketan's mums secrets recipes. Whether you need a pinch of your favourite spice kitsrubs and chillies or more than a teaspoon, they have it all for you!

At Spicentice, we bring you the highest quality of pure spices and herbs from all over the world – Made from 100% pure herbs and spices, all their ingredients are sourced fresh so you can enjoy the rich tastes. They care about our environment and the people in it, and they believe in eating fresh healthy meals.


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