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Branded Garden PDs

This third party mailing includes a blended offering of multiple well known gardening brands. Dispatching to customers across the following brands: Thompson & Morgan, Van Muewen, Organic Garden PDs , Suttons, Dobies, Garden Gear and Happy Beaks. 

Thompson & Morgan has grown to become the UK's largest Mail Order Seed and Plant company. Van Meuwen established as a producer of tulip and daffodil bulbs in 1973, today Van Meuwen is a horticultural mail order specialist. The Organic Gardening Catalogue produce an annual printed Seeds and Supplies catalogue, and everything sold is available on their online shop. Suttons Seeds is a long established supplier of seeds, bulbs, and other horticultural products. The Garden Gear brand was created to offer everything you need for the garden. Happy Beaks love all things feathered, delivering the best quality bird food possible, as fast as possible and at the best price too!  


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About Parcel Deliveries

Package Insert Programs are designed to carry advertiser messaging in another brands outbound product shipments. These shipments contain goods purchased by a recipient to their home address, making them an ideal vehicle to carry a third party message. Recipients are proven mail-order or online buyers, which enhances response to similar offers. The ability to target by complimentary products and/or demographic profiles is an added benefit. 

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