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We have a duty to contribute to the protection of our planet

Our promise

We are firmly committed to reducing our environmental impact and helping brands driving sustainable growth. We carbon balance 100% of the paper that we purchase on behalf of brands in the UK, at no extra cost to them.

Carbon Balanced (KG)
as of March 2023
Threatened Habitat Protected (M2)
as of March 2023
Equivalent Football Fields
as of March 2023

What is carbon balancing?

Carbon Balanced Paper is a global initiative delivered in partnership with the World Land Trust. Paper becomes carbon balanced when the average emissions associated with its production are offset to help protect some of the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

Why is it important?

Purchasing Carbon Balanced Paper will contribute to protecting land that might otherwise be deforested, potentially driving species to extinction. From an audience perspective, we know that consumers are actively looking for brands that can demonstrate they care about the environment and make ethical choices.


of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands



of consumers say paper or cardboard from a sustainably managed forest is a good way to combat climate change

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How do I get involved?

Paper is automatically carbon balanced at no extra cost to all our clients. This means you can incorporate the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper logo on your marketing materials. You’ll also receive a certificate detailing how your donation has contributed to the cause.

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How does it work?

Carbon Balanced Paper is achieved by locking in carbon that would otherwise be released and securing continued absorption of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This is recognised as one of the most cost-effective and fastest ways to arrest the rise of atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects.

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About World Land Trust

World Land Trust and its overseas project partners have been instrumental in the purchase and protection of more than 2,222,247 acres of tropical forest and other threatened habitats, and together ensure that more than four million acres of land is managed under active protection worldwide.

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The time is now

Carbon Balanced Paper is a simple choice that will help to meet the growing demands of an environmentally-conscious society. By choosing to only purchase Carbon Balanced Paper, we hope to raise awareness and make sustainable print accessible to all brands. Get in touch to learn how your marketing materials can become more sustainable.

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